Tips to Get More Surveys and Maximize Your Survey Earnings

Tips to Get More Surveys and Maximize Your Survey Earnings

If you want to maximize your earnings from surveys, please follow below tips:

  1. Please login to your account daily 2-3 time and see if the survey is available. We are sending surveys twice only each week to our members but you can take surveys daily by directly login to your survey dashboard. Click here to login to your survey dashboard.
  2. Try to answer any available survey as soon as possible. Since each survey has quota and looking for only a fixed number of responses, it will greatly increase your chance to qualify.
  3. Try to answer all the surveys sent to you and make sure you remain active.

Please let us know which survey rewards is your preferred one:

  1. PayPal cash
  2. Flipkart gift card
  3. Amazon gift card code

Any other rewards?

Please let us know in comment below and we’ll try to add that as an option.


22 thoughts on “Tips to Get More Surveys and Maximize Your Survey Earnings

  1. I have answered so many Surveys so far and now when I have reached 9.88 USD, suddenly I am getting disqualified for each and every survey. Once I see a survey I click the ‘Take Survey’ button and immediately the page appears that ‘You are not qualified for this survey’. If I am not qualified then why did you send it? Even before answering the questions how do you know that I am not qualified. It has been more than 3 weeks now. So this way I will never be able to reach the required amount in order to claim it.

    1. If the quota has met, you will not be able to complete the survey. Please login daily and try to answer any available surveys.

  2. Now I am able to login in my account but I have a redeem request done on 12/12/2020 which is showing failed but amount not received back in my account please return $12.50 in my account so I can redeem again I thing you are facing some problems with PayPal

  3. Hi I’m receiving surveys to my email id,but once clicked the link, it’s saying you are not the matched profile. Unless we submit two or three answers to measure the demographics, how come the survey decides that the panelist will not be fit.

    Pl clarify this

  4. Dear team, kindly help me find out problem in my survey panel. When I click the take survey option, then I saw a message that “We’re sorry …
    There don’t seem to be any available surveys for you at this time”. So I can’t start survey. Kindly take care of this.

    1. Dear Senthil,

      The surveys are based on demographics and are available when we have new projects. Please note that each survey is looking for a fixed number of responses, so when it fills, the survey is closed.

  5. How would I get more USD and quickly?
    I need more servey to get more dollors as I have to gift something special to my father on his birthday.

  6. I didn’t get any survey for last few months. if any survey came then after some time it says you are not eligible for this survey.

    Please provide some survey which offers Amazon or Flipcart gift cards..


  7. Hi… I’m checking my account nearly 4 times a day but I am not getting surveys for a very long time… Not even one!…why?

    1. Surveys are demographics based. Once a survey is matching to your profile, it will be available to you. Please check your survey dashboard around 11 A.M. in the morning and 4 P.M. in the evening.

    1. Please login to your survey dashboard daily and see if there is any survey available.

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