22 thoughts on “Surveys for PayPal Money

  1. I redeemed my awwro reward through PayPal, but its been 4 days since I got a mail telling to follow some instruction because its my first payment. But even after following the steps mentioned I haven’t received any reward. Please look into it.

  2. I redeemed $10 through Visa and I received the card details as well but I am not able to use that money. Can you please help me to know how can I use my $10

  3. Hi
    I have just joined awwro and I don’t know how to connect my paypal with it..confused about how will I get the payment.pls help.thank you😊

  4. Please give survey. First 1 day only I got survey. So please consider that giving survey to earning money.

    1. Hi Swathi,

      Is your reward credited? If not, please share the details of the surveys that you have completed and we will check.

  5. PayPal money is very good for taking surveys. I’ve receive my my first $12.5 PayPal payment from Awwro. Thank you.

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