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Big or small, it’s essential for organizations to listen from its customers. It’s just not about customer feedback, rather it helps the company improvise and bring about refinements imperative to the organization. After all, customer satisfaction is key to a healthy business. Other than over the counter reviews and offline surveys, a more compelling way to get customer reviews is through the web.

A Lot of companies have adapted to the online survey techniques to reach out and listen to its customers.

One such organization is Mcdonalds. One of the biggest restaurant chains with over 36000 branches around the world, Macdonald’s is a pioneer in the restaurant business. To reach out to such a strong customer base there is no better way than online surveys.

It does this using MCDvoice. A website that guides its customer through a quick online survey of Mcdonald’s product and services.

MCDVoice Survey – Step By Step Guide

The website is handled by the management of the organization and not a particular branch. The online survey works both ways. On one hand, where it assists the company in improving its services on the other, it keeps customer privacy and allows the consumer to express itself openly. As opposed to a physical survey in Macdonald branches where there might be chances of manipulating, the website works in confidence. The management can then improvise on both branch to branch service and overall product/ service.

If you are new to the online survey arena and want to register a certain complaint or query about Mcdonalds, the website is perfect for you. Let’s dig into and find out how MCDvoice Con will help you.

About MCDVoice

Customer Satisfaction Survey at the mcdvoice.

MCDvoice is a customer satisfaction survey designed by the central or management team of Mcdonalds. The survey is developed to reach out to all that customer has to say about the company. It is a more centralized way to reach out to each one of its customers and hear from them. The website is specific to Canada and is discrete and works in complete confidence preserving customer information.

The management gathers all the queries from its customers and acts in accordance with it. Rest assured that each one of your reviews is meticulously read and worked upon, constantly trying to improve and develop so that next time you visit a branch, the experience is nothing but great. Ultimately the goal is to understand the overall development or individual branch revision required to deliver overall satisfied customer experience.

McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey / mcdvoice

So you have had a bad experience at your nearest Mcdonalds store. The guys at the branch did not listen to you. Hence, you want to put down your query on MCDvoice.

How do you do it?


  1. Access to a smartphone, personal computer or laptop to visit the website mentioned in the resource link.
  2. Should have a bill provided by the restaurant after your purchase. The bill is essential to the survey.
  3. A fair understanding of English.

MCDVoice Survey Step by Step Guide

Here is a step by step guide on how you can take a customer satisfaction survey:

  1. Visit, Mcdonalds online Satisfaction Survey official website –
  2. Choose the language of your choice. Positioned on the top center side of the website, Check on the language to change from English to Spanish and vice versa.
  3. Make sure you have your receipt or bill of your purchase from authorized MacDonald restaurant branch.
  4. You’ll find a 15 digit survey code located on the top of your bill. Fill in the 15 digits on the website to further the process.
  5. Provide other details including store number, KS number, date of travel, time of travel, order and amount spent.
  6. Moreover, answer all the mandatory questions on the mcdvoice India survey. The question will have a general approach about your experience at one of the Mcdonald’s restaurants.
  7. Once you have completed the survey, you’ll receive a verification code that can be printed and used on your next visit to McDonald’s restaurant to enjoy special offers (Note: The validity of the coupon ends in 30 days and only applicable to individuals who participated in customer satisfaction survey).

How much time does it take to complete a McDonald’s Survey?

A working device and fast internet connection is all you need to finish the survey in a matter of minutes. The questions are crisp and on point leaving no communication gap. Moreover, they are based on your experience which makes it a piece of cake for you.

Rules and Conditions for MCDVoice India Rewards

There are some essential norms for individuals to win MCDVoice rewards. Listed-

  • You must be 15 years or above to take the customer service survey or order a lottery on the official mcdvoice.con website.
  • You should be a resident of India.
  • The certification code received post completion of a survey is the only option for you to redeem rewards at any of the McDonald’s restaurants.
  • An individual can only take 5 surveys per month. Also, the offer code should be used within one week of every survey taken. Gift card value can range from $25 to $100.

Sample questions for mcdvoice / McDonald’s Survey:

Your overall satisfaction level at the Mcdonald’s restaurant experience.

  • Foods and beverages quality.
  • Order accuracy.
  • Variety of menu items.
  • Food prices.
  • Cleanliness of the store.
  • Friendliness of the staff.
  • Reason for visiting the McDonald’s Restaurant?
  • Did problem encounter during your last visit? and much more

How to Get Free McDonald’s Food from McDonald?

Following are the ways one can take the customer satisfaction survey and win free gift cards.

  1. Through App
  2. McD’s Customer Satisfaction Survey (mcdvoice)
  3. Email List
  4. And Promotional Events

How to Get McDonald’s Coupons?

There are only two ways one can receive McDonald’s coupons or gift cards.

  • Online Mode
  • Offline Mode
  • Online Mode to Get McDonald’s Free Coupons:

McDonald’s App: Mcdonalds has its official website and application to order food online. The app has various coupons and offers alongside meals. Available on IOS and Android, just download the McDonald’s App on your smartphone.

Email: You would have to log in on the official website of McDonald’s. Enter your area code along with email ID. Once these details are confirmed, you’ll receive notifications of the latest coupons.

Other Websites: There are various websites as well that provide direct access to coupons. A simple google search for McDonald’s coupons will give results directing you to these websites.

Offline Method of Getting Free Coupons of McDonald’s:

Newspapers: There are numerous regional and national newspapers that print coupons of restaurants including McDonald’s.
Through Mail: If you are a regular and registered customer of Mcdonald’s, they send across free coupons through the mail. Hence, remember to check your mailbox daily.
At Restaurants: On order of meals at a McDonald’s restaurant, you can receive coupons applicable on your next purchases. Majorly distributed during festivals and other occasions.
McDonald’s Survey Rewards
“Take McDonald’s Customer Experience Survey and get FREE Discount Coupons.”
“Get bumper prize of $25 coupon codes & get a chance to win $100 cash rewards.”

McDonald’s Customer Service Toll-Free Number

If there are concerns or queries regarding MCDvoice customer satisfaction survey you can reach out to McDonald’s customer care.

McDonald’s customer service dial: 1800-244-6227
McDonald’s Corporation Office: 2111 McDonald’s Dr., Oak Brook, IL 60523

McDonald’s Customer Care Number

Here is a list of mcdvoice customer care numbers as country wise.

McDonald’s India Contact Details
McDonald’s customer care number: 1-800-244-6227
McDonald’s UK Contact Details:
McDonald Galashiels Contact Number: +44 1896 754450 ( Open until 12:00 am )
McDonald Boston Contact Number: +44 1205 361307 ( Open 24 Hours )
McDonald Edinburgh Contact Number: +44 131 226 3872 ( Open 24 Hours )
McDonald’s USA Contact Details:
McDonald Avon Contact Number: +1 317-272-6926 ( Open until 12:00 am )
McDonald Pinellas Park, FL Contact Number: +1 727-576-6772 ( Open 24 Hours )
McDonald Waveland, MS Contact Number: +1 228-467-1294 ( Open 24 Hours )

McDonald’s Head Office Address For India

Connaught Plaza Restaurants Pvt. Ltd

13A, Jor Bagh Market,

New Delhi- 110003
Tel: +91-11-24604047
Fax: +91-11-24652108

McDonald’s Head Office Address For USA

McDonald’s Corporation,
2111 McDonald’s Dr,
Oak Brook,
IL 60523,
United States

Social Profiles
You can also connect with McDonald’s and follow the organization through its social media handles.


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Privacy Policy:
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About McDonald’s Restaurant- (Mcdvoice at

With over 36000 active restaurants across the globe, McDonald’s is one of the world’s largest restaurant chain. The first ever McDonald’s first was inaugurated in San Bernardino, California in 1940. And currently, McDonald’s restaurants are active in 120 countries of the world. Richard and Maurice McDonalds are the two founders of the McDonald’s Restaurant.

McDonald’s headquarters is in Oak Brook, Illinois. An estimate, McDonald’s currently has 5,669 owned and 31,230 franchised sites. The company has tweaked it’s meant from time to time and serves different in different countries.

Importance of the Mcdvoice Survey

It is crucial to understand the importance of MCDvoice Con survey and why you should take it. Every company wants best for its customers and so does McDonald’s. If collaborated individuals have the same issues it might just force the company to act on it. Help individuals like yourself who have similar issues with the services of McDonald’s. Let the company improvise itself and serve its customers better.

Conclusion Few minutes of your valuable time can not only help an organization improvise but also help you win some coupons. Take the Mcdvoice survey and become a “voice” of the consumers of McDonald’s.