Earn Free Amazon Gift Card Codes

Free Amazon Gift Card Codes and Vouchers

Are you looking for free Amazon gift card codes in India? If yes, then you are at right place.

free Amazon gift card codes in India

Many consumers are constantly sweeping the Internet to get free gift cards online that they can use for shopping either online or in-store.

Gift cards are amazingly great, as you can use them, keep them, give them as a gift to your loved ones or friends, or even use them as a contest prize or giveaways during parties.

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How to get free Amazon gift card codes in India?

In order to get free Amazon vouchers, follow below steps:

  • Step 1. Click here to join our survey panel for free.
  • Step 2. Click on the confirmation link sent to your email id and complete your registration.
  • Step 3. Participate in online surveys from Awwro survey panel.
  • Step 4. Earn rewards for each completed survey. Once your survey rewards balance reaches $10, you can redeem it for $10 Amazon gift voucher.

How to redeem Amazon gift card?

To add Amazon gift card balance to your account, please follow below steps:

  1. Log on to Amazon website,
  2. Click on this link: Add Gift Cards
  3. Enter the Gift Card Code given on the gift card and tap on Add to your balance.

Once you add your Amazon gift card, the fund will be available in Amazon pay balance.

You can use this balance to pay for any products or services that you buy from Amazon.

how to redeem Amazon gift card

We also pay by Flipkart gift card codes and PayPal cash. The choice is yours!

Most companies like Amazon.in, Flipkart, Paytm in India and eBay, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, Toy R Us, etc. in USA offer online gift card as a sort of incentive or reward to keep costumers patronize their products, as well as to introduce and attract more new costumers to support their services and products.

There are many creative ways to get free gift card vouchers from many reputable online stores either by participating in online surveys, redeeming credit card and frequent flyers mileage rewards, or when procuring certain amount of products at selected stores, to name a few. Although, there are numerous ways to get free Amazon gift card codes, it is important to keep in mind that some are scams or bogus, while there are certainly legitimate ones, but they are very difficult to spot or find.

Most of the time, the process to get free Amazon gift card vouchers online involves filling out forms or participating in some surveys, product trials, or actually procuring something either a product or service, which will eventually lead to get a free gift card. Discussed below are some of the legitimate ways on “how to get free gift cards online”.

One of the easiest way to get free Amazon gift card codes is to participate in online paid surveys in India. Websites like AWWRO is one of the best survey site, which offers various types of free gift cards including free shopping gift card, free restaurant gift card, free grocery gift card, free gadgets, free electronics like cell phone, free movie vouchers etc completely free of cost.

By answering online surveys from Awwro survey panel, members get points, which they can redeem for gift cards from Amazon, Flipkart, iTunes, Starbucks, and Pizza Hut, to name a few. As well as PayPal cash if you opt for PayPal payment option. We only require our members to participate in our online surveys and our contest that we run from time to time. No credit card, no investment is required to participate in our online paid surveys. Only a valid e-mail address is needed.

Another effective way to get free Amazon gift cards is through referral incentive websites. These websites requires potential costumers to sign up and become a member and once done, they are required to choose 1 to 3 advertiser’s products which they have to try, and refer a number of friends to become members and do the same. After completing the requirements, the original costumer will be able to get free Amazon vouchers or any other type of prizes they are promoting. The referred friend can likewise receive a free online gift card after completing the same process.

The do-it-yourself or DIY incentive website is also a great way how to get free Amazon gift cards in India. The process is almost the same as referral incentive sites, but the only difference is that these websites do not require referrals for its members. These websites are designed specifically for product trials in order to gain credit points that can be exchanged to get a free gift card prizes from Sears, Amazon, Flipkart, Best Buy, Home Depot, Pizza Hut, Wal-Mart, Starbucks, or any other company that sponsors these websites. Although, these websites are a bit more difficult since the final offer may sometimes require credit card use.

Some blog sites or any other social networking sites most of the time offer contests to their members. Blog sites like Indian Radar offer great cool list of giveaways including an online gift cards every week. Members are only required to leave comments in certain topics to participate in the contest, as there are no obligations to enter these types of contest. Other ways to get free gift cards is by redeeming credit card reward points such as Visa, American Express, Citibank, and any other credit card companies. The reward points earned in these credit cards can be exchanged for online gift cards or any other item when redeemed.

Awwro is one of the Indian survey sites that pay free Amazon gift card codes in India. Join our survey panel today and start earning Amazon gift cards for free by doing our online surveys in your free time.

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  2. I have redeemed after 10 USD my payment status is still pending and while redeeming i didn’t get an option to choose flipkart or amazon gift card . I don’t know which gift card would be sent and i am not sure if i will receive my reward.

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  4. I have signed up 3 days ago but till now i earned only $1. I have attended 3 survey but all the survey rejected me.

  5. I want to know more about Amazon gift cards. Can we use those gift cards on amazon.in ? If yes,then what’s the process for the same?

  6. After I complete survey and when I gonna to get my rewards what is the amount of amazon gift card and is that in USD or in rupees?

    • Once you earn $10, you can redeem it for gCode. From gCode you will be able to get an Amazon gift card that will be in Rupees.

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