Online Paid Surveys in UAE – Join AWWRO UAE Survey Panel and Earn Money Online in UAE

Paid Surveys UAE

Do you want to earn extra money online in UAE?

If yes, join AWWRO UAE survey panel for FREE and make money online in UAE taking our online paid surveys.

Once you join our survey panel you can earn $0.25 to $5 per completed survey.

How it works?

You can earn money online in UAE by answering our Paid Surveys by following below steps:

    1. Step 1. Join AWWRO UAE survey panel using below sign up form:

  1. Step 2: Check your email and click on the confirmation link sent by AWWRO UAE to complete your registration.
  2. Step 3: Answer UAE paid surveys and earn money online in UAE.


Who can join our survey panel?

AWWRO UAE survey panel is available for UAE residents who are 14+ year old.

Is there any cost to join AWWRO survey panel?

No. It is completely free to join our survey panel. There is no registration fee and no investment is required.

What are the survey payment methods?

We pay to our members by PayPal cash and gift cards through gCodes.

What is the minimum payout?

You can redeem your survey rewards once you have $10 for gift cards and $12.5 for PayPal cash.

Join our survey panel for free today and start earning money from surveys in Dubai and UAE.

26 thoughts on “Online Paid Surveys in UAE – Join AWWRO UAE Survey Panel and Earn Money Online in UAE

  1. I redeemed money through PayPal. If it is not working properly, please revert the money so that I can redeem.through visacode. Thank you

  2. I am not able to login , its showing wrong email and password. And when I am trying forget password I can’t get the email . even not in Spam. When I try to click on take survey is also not open.

  3. Dear Awwro Team,

    13/08/2020 i given request for paypal payout.
    My payout is put them in pending list still,so please process my paypal payout as soon as possible.

    with regards

  4. Hi AWWRO Team,

    ♥♥♥Thank you team ♥♥♥,
    I am very happy to share with you PAYMENT is received.
    Thank you for supporting me in PayPal withdrawal process and i will hope you to supporting me in future problem also.

    • Dear Mustafa,

      We are glad that it is resolved and you have received your payment in your PayPal account. If you are happy with Awwro survey panel, please share it with your friends on Whatsapp and Facebook.

  5. I reached the limit of payout
    Payout is approved but money is not credited in my paypal account since 20 days over
    what is the solution?
    you must be answerable !!!!!

    • Hi,

      Sorry to hear that you haven’t received your PayPal payment yet. I’ve forwarded your details to payment team and you will receive your payment soon.

      • Dear Awwro Team,

        My payout amount is refund in awwro panel Rewards display-Thank u
        But im worried about the withdrawl process !!!
        Is there any problem in my PayPal account??
        Why it will refund to me??
        Process the amount to my PayPal is any problem?
        account is already active-What will i do,

        plz suggest me

        • Hi,

          You have declined the transaction at PayPal. This is why it was not processed. Once you redeem, you need to accept the money in your Paypal account.

      • Dear Awwro Team,

        Thanks for your refund amount in awwro panel,
        What is the reason for money not send in my PayPal account?
        I will try to give another payout request in awwro rewards panel?

        plz suggest me to withdrawl the amount in PayPal

        • Please withdraw again and accept the amount in PayPal. You might receive an email from PayPal saying that you have received payment.

          • Hi Awwro Team,

            My PayPal payout is shown in pending list ,
            please process the payment asap.

            Awaiting your positive reply

    • Glad to know. Please login to your survey dashboard daily and try to answer all the surveys available to you.

    • Hi Siva,

      Please wait for some time. You will receive a survey invitation once we have a survey for your demographics.

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